Friday, July 25, 2008

5 Weeks Already?!?!?!

Can you believe Ethan turned 5 weeks old today?

Many things have happened and I have just been too busy to post. Hopefully I can remember everything, if not, I'll add it on later. Lets see...first of all...Ethan has rolled from tummy to back twice! He did this at about three weeks old. Are they suppose to do that this early? He's so strong! My mom and Malea witnessed it at seperate times, I think, and we were amazed! It's pretty cool! After that there was one day we were playing and I swear he was trying to smile. He had that look on his face like I think i can, I think I can, but all I got was a half of a half of a grin. Braxton came to dinner on Nick's birthday and was playing with him and said that Ethan smiled at him! Yippie! Ethan's movin on up! OH, on that same note, Grandmother, Teresa and Polly came up not to long ago and if Polly had two more minutes I swear she would have had him laughing and cooing. Ethan wanted to so bad, you could just tell!!!

Still no sleeping through the night. About two times he'll wake up, nurse and then go right back to sleep. That is nice, but I still long for the night when he'll sleep through. He was showing off for my mom the other day and slept right on in until about 9 or 9:30 in the morning after his 4 or 5 am feeding. That was special. Don't you know that was the morning where I had a doctors appt and couldn't sleep in! Oh, and Ethan has graduated into his room in his crib. That is actually going well! We had him sleeping in our room in a bassinet, but he outgrew that at 4 weeks. His crib fits him nicely now. He loves to watch his mobile and is starting to track the animals with eyes and is fascinated with bright lights and colors.

He has changed so much these past few weeks! All that haven't seen him will be amazed at how much he has grown. The girls at work were asking how much he weighs now, even though I don't have and exact weight, I bet he is pushing 12 pounds. All his 0-3 months clothing is starting to get rather small. Everyone was right, the length goes first!

Nick is almost done with school! We are trying to give him his quiet time to finish up everything. He'll be done with classes at the beginning of Aug and graduate on the 23rd of the month. We are super proud of him! I think its pretty cool his son gets to watch him graduate from college. I can't wait to take a family picture of us with Nick in his cap and gown. Everyone make a mental note of that date! :)

Okay, enough blabbing. I'll try to be better about posting! Sorry!

OH, congratulations to our friends Greg and Monica! They just delivered their first baby! Born July 24, baby girl Blakely Kate!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Happy 3 weeks on Earth!

Ethan had his 2 week check-up on Wednesday. Everything is looking good. I thought the MD was going to start his immunizations then, but they don't start until two months old. Holy cow, two months old...this kid is going to have outgrown his car seat by then. I say that b/c he is weighing in at 10lbs and 2oz!!! That means that he is back up to his birth weight, well passed it, a week early! Remember the doctor said that it could take 3 weeks or so for 10LBers to gain their weight back after birth. Clearly, Ethan showed her! Just think how big he is going to be by his next appt!!! Anyway, he is in good health! The jaundice has cleared up, he is eating and pooping very well, and often, and likes his tummy time. Oh, he has rolled over for the 2nd time on Wednesday! He rolls from tummy to back. I don't know if its on purpose or it just happens, but he did it! Big Man!!! As the MD said...He's showin off for us!!!

PS..If anyone knows how post more pics or links or things to this website, give me some tips. I can't figure some of this stuff out! Can I still blame it on the pregnancy?! I think I will!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

2-Weeks and counting....

This thing called parenting isn't too easy...

We've had a lot of events take place during E-buddy's second week of life. His umbilical cord fell off last Saturday night. It about killed my mom b/c it was just lying on the floor and she almost stepped on it thinking it was a roach or something. Now Ethan has a big outie belly button. Its super cute!

MaLea came up on Monday and helped out a ton. A big thanks for all the things she did for us. Definatly nice having that extra help!

Nick went back to work this week too. That isn't fun for either of us. I am sitting here at home trying to keep Ethan happy and Nick has to go to work and misses out on some things. It is definatly a learning experience for both of us. I am trying to formulate some type of schedule for me and Ethan, but as all you mothers know, that is extremely difficult with newborns. Some days he will eat every two hours and others he waits four hours or so to eat. Some days he stays awake and looks around and others he is out like a light. I guess time will put us on a schedule that works.

Dad sent me an article from USA Today about making playtime 'tummy time' so E-buddy and I have begun to have tummy time at least once a day, sometime twice when Nick comes home. Ethan is doing really well for only being 2 weeks old. I only keep him down there for 10-15 seconds depending how fussy he gets, but he lifts his head and turns it from side to side. This is suppose to promote muscle building and control. I think E-buddy likes it. We are going to continue to do it as much as possible.