Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Once Again....

Once again I have managed to go weeks without blogging. Sorry!

Ethan is doing well. We now have 5 teeth, but I am seeing the 6th and 7th tooth under the gums. He has three on the bottom and his two knobby teeth have poked through on the tops. He's so funny looking, but just as cute as a button! When he is laughing all you can see is the bottom of his top teeth. He loves to blow spit bubbles and air through them. Its so funny!

As far as mobility, we are working on that. Ethan is rolling all over the place. When he is sitting up, he leans forward and moves one leg back but the other one gets stuck. He hasn't figured out how to get that other foot back yet. He does a nice split though! :) As far as walking, we aren't too far from that either. He can walk with his wagon and with someone propping him up, but for sure not by himself. I think his little chunky legs are strong enough to do so though. We have to work on balance..hehe

We had a visit to the MD office yesterday. Ethan's allergies were acting up. I thought we had pink eye again, but it was just some bacteria built up. We got some good meds and he is doing much better now. Still a bit snotty nosed and congested, but in good spirits. He now weighs 27lbs! We have a well baby check up next week, some shots and another weight check.

Slowly getting back to sleeping through the night. I think its a mixture of teething and separation anxiety. My book (and neighbor) tells me that this is the time when it gets really bad. Plus, I was still rocking him to sleep and my book tells me that's a big no no b/c he has to learn how to soothe himself and this is the age he needs to start to learn. SO, now we get him ready for bed, I read to him just enough to watch his eyelids shut and then put him in his crib. He'll kick and scream but for only 10 minutes or so. After that he sleeps. Its worked twice so we will continue to try this. We'll see how it goes. Oh, and we are doing the Motrin and orajel too (thanks Somer).

Okay, I think that is all. Here are some updated pics....
Ethan has a mean mommy....I went to go pick him up from school one day and this is the outfit he was in. No, I didn't send him to school in this outfit. Apparently he tee tee'd all over his other outfit and this was the emergency outfit in his bag. Obviously, I had not update his emergency clothes in a while. Poor Ethan...
Uncle Matt Matt and Ethan during Big Ron's B'day
This is after Ethan's second hair cut

Monday, March 2, 2009

One foot in front of the other....

So, I do realize that I haven't posted anything since the beginning of February. I will actually be shocked if anyone still looks at this. Y'all have probably given up on me. I'll try my best to be better about posting, I promise.

Lets see what we have been doing for the past month. You might ask if Ethan is crawling and that answer is still no. I don't think he has any desire to crawl. On the flip side of that, he loves to walk! We will put him in his walker in the kitchen and he goes to town walking around and pulling open drawers and opening cabinets. Its a good thing Granny and Grandpa (Carlene and Ronnie) bought some cabinet closers and safety things. Once we get those put out, it will be a big help!

We have moved onto baby's 3rd foods and table foods. He kept gumming his 2nds and spitting it out, so I tried the 3rds and it works a bit better. Why can't I find anything green in the 3rds? Ethan totally doesn't like green beans with rice and I can't stand the smell of all that mixed food (ie, lasagna, or broccoli and carrots in cheese, totally smells like throw up imagine how it tastes). Therefore we have started some table foods, only the cool stuff though. We've eaten dinner rolls, sweet taters, ooh and Popsicles, he loved the Popsicles. I bought him some cubed peaches and he is so funny when he eats them. He'll put them in his mouth, squirt out all the juice and then the rest of the peach just kinda falls out of his mouth. I found three peach cubes stuck to his pants. I just laughed!

Teeth are popping out left and right! About a week and a half ago Ethan quit sleeping through the night. He would sleep upstairs for a few hours then wake up screaming. We would try to calm him down, but that didn't work. He began this pattern and ended up in bed with us. Yea, I know, I preach to others about letting their child sleep in bed with them and look at me. This seems to be the only way to calm him down! He'll come down here and snuggle up next to one of us and fall asleep. Throughout the night we'll wake up to him kicking us. Nice, I know, but you do what you got to. Anyway, I was feeding Ethan last night and discovered one cutting through on the bottom and was like "YES!!!! Sleep finally!" Boy was I wrong. He woke up screaming again. THEN, I was talking to his teacher at school today and she had concerns about him not eating as much and I said it was probably b/c of that tooth coming in. She said "oh yea, I see it up there on the top." I was like "What? I was talking about on the bottom!" And yep, we have two coming in right now. I can't wait to see what he looks like in a week!

Okay, enough blabbing. Hope you enjoy the updated pics!

Catching up on the lastest news before school

Playing in the sheets

Enjoying his first popsicle

Trying to get the doggies attention...he's so funny...we say 'doggie'...Ethan says 'Ugh', but on que

The little bit of snow that we did get.