Monday, August 24, 2009

Holy's been two months since I have posted. Sorry for the lack of posting.

Ethan is now 14 months old. He is walking with complete balance (and has been doing that since he was about 12 months old). We have three molars that have totally entered into his mouth. He has definitely had a growth spurt. I would say about 32 lbs. He is basically eating whatever me and Nick eat, and he loves to eat. Go figure, our big boy Ethan loves to eat. Beware all of you visitors...if you are snacking around E-man you better have enough for him!

We're really working on vocabulary right now. Ethan is pointing at everything, but not so many words. We have the normal mama, dada, uh-oh, and there has been the occasional dog, woof, shoe, hi, hello, but nothing steady. Ethan does know where his nose is. He points right to it and laughs. Its the cutest thing in the world! Although he doesn't say many words, he "talks" up a storm; in the store, car, in the front yard! He just jabbers away!

Funny stories:
Ethan and I were walking to school one morning. We were walking down the hall and he stopped and looked at me. I turned around and he pointed at his foot. He said "shoe". I looked down and Nick had put his sandal on too tight and his poor little fat foot was sticking out the holes. When we got into his classroom, we took his shoes off and he got to spend the rest of the day barefoot. Poor little man. To say the least we went and bought him new shoes the next weekend (and yes, he is in a size 6 shoe).

Family trip to Wal-mart this past weekend. Walking up and down the aisles and Ethan was pointing and talking to everyone and everything he saw. We finally made it to the checkout line and Ethan was sitting in the buggy. The cashier was trying to get him to say hi to her and wave! After much encouragement, he did it! We were so excited that he did it over and over again. When we went to unload the groceries into the trunk there was this little college girl a couple cars down unloading her groceries too. All of the sudden we hear Ethan yell "HI" and wave frantically. We look up and he is screaming at this little girl. Of course she starts talking back to him and playing with him and he just talks and talks to her. It was so funny! I can just imagine him when he gets older... Ladies, look out! ;)

We love this little man so much! Every day is a new story for us and we can't wait to see what the next day brings! He's so much fun!!! I'll try to do better about posting, once again...I promise!