Saturday, February 7, 2009


We had a family trip to the park during one of our wonderful weekends! This was our first trip. I guess Ethan had a good time. As you can see he enjoyed the swings!

We have really had a lot of fun! Ethan us just a bundle of joy! His two bottom teeth are sticking out and are as sharp as a tack! He isn't crawling yet, but shows signs of walking and crawling. He loves to stand up and bounce around. He is waving his eyes in the air like he is going to fly away. We have taught him to give us kisses, although he doesn't do it every time, but when we ask for one he opens his mouth and open mouth slobbers on your cheek. Its so funny!
He is almost 26 pounds says the MD. We have had both flu shots and currently have a cold. But we are taking good care of him! His next well baby check up isn't until April. They say by the age of 1 year the baby should have tripled their birth weight. I don't think we have anything to worry about, we're a bit ahead of schedule.

Ethan had his first hair cut. He did great! He just stared around, soaking everything in. Most of you are familiar with the Myers scowl, Ethan had that look on his face for the first five minutes of so and then calmed down. Lasted about 10 minutes and no crying! He did great!!!
During his hair cut

After his hair cut

No other news really. We all have spring fever. Ethan went fishing for the first time the other day. He slept through most of it. No bites by fishies either. I bet where we went was just a puddle from some of the rain we have been getting. BOO!
That's about it! Here are some other fun pics! :)

Uncle B came by to visit

Riding on his horse

Bath time....yes, that is mommy squirting him with his bath toys. Notice how much it bothers
him. :)