Friday, June 27, 2008

E-buddy is one week old

Well, we have made it through our first week as parents. Both Ethan and I have had our follow up visits with the MD and everything/everyone is healing well. E-buddy is still a little jaundice, but had a nice afternoon sunbathing. I think that helped tremendously! I called the nurse to make sure there was nothing more they wanted to do or if they even wanted to check his bili level and they told us to continue monitoring his output and input. Ethan had no problem with his output, especially after he has a fresh coat of butt paste on and a new diaper! I think one more day of sunbathing will do the trick!

Nick is hanging in there too! We both are learning as we go (with the help of my mom and others who like to offer advice). Sleep is rare. I try to snag a nap every chance I can but I am not very successful. Nick is sleeping a little better than me, but he also gets up and helps in the middle of the night for feedings. My feet are still super swollen. My overdose on medications didn't help either. Thanks to Ronnie and Carlene to pointing that out to me. I was taking too much of my discharge meds and thankfully they noticed. The swollen-ness is starting to dwindle, slowly.

E-buddy is down for a few hours right now. We are actually getting into bed before 12 or 1. Hopefully we will be sleep some tonight.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Our first family outing

We had our first family outing today. Surprisingly, we were on time to all our stops! We went to the MD, insurance people and to the day care center. Ethan is healthy, insured, and peed and pooped all over the infant room when we went to tour the day care. Ethan has been very generous with his pee and poop while we have him open wide. Nick is the lucky one that gets aimed at mostly. My mom got christened with a few long strings of poop down her leg. Quite hilarious!

Ethan had his first well-baby check up. Nick and I officially met our pediatrician and really like her. She came highly reccommended and now we see why. They checked his weight, bili level, circumcision and all that fun stuff. He had a good report! His bili level was a little high, but because he is only five days old, the MD said that it has no place to go but down. Apparently, the fifth day of life is when it peeks. So, we'll keep and eye on it.

Ethan is weighing in at a slim 9lbs. He should be back up to his birth weight at about 3 weeks old. Normally newborns take two weeks to get back up to birth weight, but with a 10lbr, they'll give him an extra week.

Many of yall knew that at discharge, Ethan had a slight infection on his pee pee from the circumcision. That has cleared up and he should have a good look'n pee pee when it heals. (those are the words of the Md). Thats good to know!

In other news, Nick and I are hanging in there. I have elephant kankles. The swelling hasn't gone down yet. And Nick is busy helping out with getting me up and moving around, waking up in the middle of the night to help me reposition and to get Ethan if he is crying, not to mention, dealing with the dogs and schoolwork as well. We have a follow up appointment with my MD tomorrow. I am anxiously awaiting my weight post baby. I feel as if I have dropped 40lbs instantly, but I know I haven't. My incision is healing without pain, but the back pain has got me. I'll keep you posted as to what the MD said...if anything.

My mom has been up here helping out. What a huge help she has been. Just getting the household chores done and cooking dinner and helping with nursing. She has been a huge help to Nick and myself. Its going to be hard when she leaves and Nick is back at work. We are trying to get a schedule down, but just when I think that we got something going, Ethan gets off his eating schedule. What can I expect with a newborn though!?

I am going to post a few pics if I can figure this thing out. Also, I'll try to keep all updated info on this blog, so check back frequently!