Friday, June 26, 2009

Birthday Weekend

Holy Cow! Ethan's one year old! Here are some pics from the wonderful weekend!
These, of course, are Ethan digging into his cupcake. It took him a minute, but then he dove right in!
Now, we open one present, get up and play with it and then let mommy open the rest. ;) Heck, I enjoyed it and he did too! Whenever he turned back around there was something new to play with.
He also received a little water mat. We got into it on Sunday afternoon. It was nice! He had fun trying to figure out what exactly what it was and trying to catch the water. What a chunky little man!
Ethan trying to escape. Little stinker....
This was dinner time on Sunday. He fell asleep in the high chair before he finished dinner. Bless him....
This one is just too cute not to include. We have had issues with our air conditioning unit. Nick was looking into it and Ethan wanted to help. How cute!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

I came to the realization that my last post was way back in April...its time to post again!
I'll hit the high points, then post some pics. That's the most fun anyway!!
  • We are now walking! Not like "I'll hold your hands and walk as long as you are next to me" kinda walking, like "put me down so I can follow dada to the bedroom" kinda walking. Ethan's really good at it too! He falls not as often as he used to, and all he does is pout for a minutes and gets right back up! He sure is head strong!

  • We are teething again. We have the 8 front teeth so I am wondering if this isn't his vampire teeth or maybe even a molar. Holy Cow!!!
  • We are basically on all table food.
  • One morning we were having company come over for lunch and Ethan got food in his hair during breakfast. So, I decided to give him a bath to clean him up. I got him naked in his room and went to the bathroom to start the bath water. When I came back into his room his little naked self was playing with one of his "stand and go no where" toys. He had pulled himself up and was straddling one of the legs. He looked right at me smiling. After I thought "aww, my baby is so sweet" I looked down and he was going potty on the floor. As soon as he was finished, he danced a jig and laughed at me. What a stinker!!!!

  • We had a family trip to the beach. Some friends of ours got married. Ethan had a ton of fun! He did good on the beach...until he got hungry. He didn't mind the sand on his feet, but couldn't figure out the sand on his hands. He danced the night away at the wedding. We all had a great time!

The first picture is from the wedding. The second one is my friend, Anna Catherine, teaching Ethan to say 'CHEESE'. This last picture is about 7 minutes into the ride home from the beach. Ethan was chewing on one of his toys and passed out! I had to take a picture of it!

Well, this time last year we were all starting to make plans for Ethan's arrival. I am getting emotional about the first year birthday and remembering where we were last year. It's hard to believe that Ethan was as big as he was! I know we were expecting a big boy, but a 10lbr. Here are a few pics from last year