Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Teefees, Teefees, everywhere!

Ethan's 2nd tooth has popped through! He's so cute!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

6 Month Well-Baby Check Up

We went for our 6 mos well baby check up today...
Got some shots...circ looks good...in the 99% for his age....he's a big boy!
Wt: 24.2 lbs
Ht: 30 inches long
First baby tooth popping through...Check....Yep, that is right! Ethan's first tooth has arrived and Dr. Cochran says the the next one is right behind it! She said usually this happens when babies are around 8 mos or so, so we have an early bloomer!!!!! I was expecting it soon, but not this soon! He didn't really show signs, but I guess he did now that I know it was him cutting teeth...fussiness, drooling, and a little rash on his bottom. Now I know what to look for!
He's growing so fast!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

A New Year

Happy New Year Everyone!
We are sad to see the holiday season come to an end. What a great time we had! Well, it didn't start out so great. Ethan came down with his first illness. He had pink eye in both eyes and a slight right ear infection. He did not feel good at all and we were so happy on day two of antibiotics. You could tell a huge difference once we got the gunk under control.

Our first stop to celebrate the season was down on the plains. We traveled to AU to be with my family. Ethan did good traveling, slept the entire way! It was nice to see the fam and spend time with them. As you can tell by the pic above,
Ethan had a big time opening presents and made a new best friend in the process. He spent time talking, blowing raspberries, jumping up and down, and playing with his toys. Everyone enjoyed seeing Big Boy Ethan while we were there. Maw maw had a time with him. I got so tickled b/c I think Ethan and maw maw look alike. Big Ron bought him his first wagon too. Ethan is going to love it!

Ethan and his new wagon

Ethan and Maw Maw

Next, we stopped in at Irene's for a quick game of dirty Santa and then onto Nana and Papa's house (nick's mom and Dewayne). There we did the same, spent time with the fam and opened presents. Ethan got to meet some of his cousins and Auntie Sonia for the first time. He had a big time playing with all the kids! It was hard to calm him down after that night. I know...that's just the beginning, just wait until he can talk back to me when he isn't ready to stop playing with them. I look forward to those convos ;) ! Ethan got his first piano set and drums. Cousin Sean bought him a football that he chewed on constantly. It was a good time!

Ethan opening his presents

Watching the Dirty Santa game

Finally we went to Grandpa and Granny's house (Nick's dad and Carlene). Stayed the night with them, visited, played with them, Aunt Julie, Great Grandaddy and Great Grandmother. Ethan got some bongos there which he loves! I got photoshop so expect fancy things in the near future. I am going to become the master at that program! We had a good time there too! We hated to leave all our family!

Ethan and his new bongos

Now we are back at home trying to get back into the swing of things. Its hard. It has actually been real nice for me b/c I got to spend time with Ethan and Nick, do things around the house, try to get organized. I have worked maybe a week out of the past three weeks due to pink eye, ear infection, taking time to travel and then the boss lady forcing me to take off (everyone in the dept is required to do the same), not to mention the possibility of me being sent home tomorrow b/c of pink eye. That sure is a way to start off the week! We'll see what the md says in the am. In the mean time we are anticipating Ethan to be crawling soon and his first tooth to pop out any minute. He is just drooling up a storm and teething so bad! He can sit up by himself really well, but he likes to stand up rather than sit. I am thinking he might actually skip crawling and go straight to walking. I am probably wrong, but we'll see. He just loves to stand and bounce around! Nick and I are in a race to see if he says mama first or dada. We got some time to see though. I'll keep you posted!

Happy New Year to All!!!!