Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Where is spring?

I am so sick of snow. I never thought I would say that while living in Alabama. I'm ready for some sunshine!!

Ethan is a mess! 110% boy!! I don't know if this is Nick's childhood coming back to bite him in the rear or me, but he is a mess! He is talking, walking, running, no potty training yet, and growing! We don't have any new teeth, so we have the top four, bottom four and the one year molars. I see some swollen gums so we might see some new teeth soon. E-man is doing an okay job learning how to brush his teeth. We have our good nights and bad nights but that is expected.
I have no idea how much he weighs or how tall he is. Maybe close to 40lbs? Its getting to a point where it is super hard for me to carry for more than 5 minutes or so. As far as height, I am going to compare him to the neighbors little girl Maret`. She just went for a well baby check up and the MD estimated her height as an adult to be 5'8"ish. She is just over two years old. Ethan isn't two yet and he is already her height. Ethan is going to be super tall when he grows up!!! That excites me!!!

Speaking of Maret', Ethan and her LOVE playing together! We have been so lucky to have Megan and Tyler across the street. They both have been a big help to us and Meg has been a major support to me (along with other family and friends). Let me tell you...The other night we ate taco soup over there. Ethan and Maret` were having the time of their life!!! First, we caught them lying in bed together watching cartoons, then they moved to Maret`'s toddler bed, then they discovered how much fun it is to slide off her mattress onto the floor and on top of each other. We were cleaning the kitchen and all we could hear were their laughs and cackles. (guess which kid had the cackle?!?!) THEN, after we finally got to sit down they would run out of the bedroom chasing each other, laughing, run around the couch and then back into the bedroom. It was so funny!! I loved it. We have some pics of them and Maddie (Maret`'s sister) in bed together on the camera. I'll try to post them later.
Lets see...OH...the most wonderful thing in the world...Ethan has learned how to kiss. He can give us a kiss goodbye, a kiss goodnight, a kiss. It is so sweet!! He puckers up and says "mmmmmuhhhh"!!

I think that is all for now. Once again, I'll try to be better about posting.


Jen said...

He's so big!!! And such a litte boy now, no longer a baby :(

mmmyers231 said...

More photos, please! Can't get enough of 'em. Oh, I weighed him while he was here 2 weeks ago...38 pounds. . . all muscle and no fat! ;)