Sunday, November 15, 2009

Its been a while since we have posted. We have actually had a lot going on. Let's see if I can remember everything that has happened...

*Lincoln has found a new home. Boy, did Nick find him a fabulous home! We received some help from a local rescue shelter who was able to post Linc on the web for adoption. The shelter said that pure bred dogs go fast...and they do! It only took about two weeks and Nick received the call. The owner of Atco Plantation, in Atkinson and Coffee county GA, met Nick halfway for the handoff. Lincoln is doing great at this new home. His new home is perfect for him! This place is a quail hunting plantation and they are traning Linc to be a real bird dog. The best part is that we get to track how he is doing. This guy has a blog that he keeps up. If you are interested its, scroll down to the bottom and click on blog. Lincoln is surely missed!

*We are now working on introducing Avery (the yellow lab) to Ethan. Not much work to be done. Avery follows Ethan around either sniffing on his face or trying to eat the leftovers on Ethan's shirt. When Ethan get annoyed, he simply 'shoos' Avery away. Ethan does get excited at times and pets Avery and chases his tail. I don't think that pair is going to be a problem!

*Ethan is really talking now! He loves to look at the airplanes. When he hears one, or a motorcycle, he points to the sky and says something...not necessarily airplane...but talks in his own language about the airplane. He says Avery, diaper, daddy, mama, hi, vroom (for truck), he barks, does monkey sounds, says moo, and is overall a happy baby most of the time!

*We are for sure getting a taste of the terrible twos! He had a fit in the Outback parking lot last weekend. We are working on parking lot rules (he has to hold our hands) and he didn't want to follow them, so he layed out in the parking lot. Recently he has hated his car seat too. He just arches his back and rolls over as he is screaming and crying. We aren't too happy about this, but that is part of it!

Our little man is such a joy! He makes us laugh more and more each day!

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