Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A fungus among us...

So, I'm at work on Tuesday and I get a phone call from the daycare..."uh, Caroline, during the summer we have this fungus that grows through the bark on the floor of the playground. We've had it tested and it isn't poisonous. Ethan was running around the playground and when we turned around he had a wad of it in his mouth and in his hand. I don't know how much he ate, but it was in his mouth." So, immediately, I called the md office and, surprise, surprise, the office staff that answered the phone was rude. Then I had my first run-in with poison control. They run a pretty good program. Ethan is fine. I doubt he even swallowed but a bit of it. His poos are weird colored, but no other symptoms or anything. Also, we had a well-baby check up that day too, so it kinda worked out well. His check up went well too! He is weighing in at 29 lbs and 33.3 inches tall. He falls into the 99% in height, 98% in weight, and 97% in head circumference. His body has finally caught up with his head...bless him! He screamed with his shots, but he did really good other than that.

OH, and on top of that, he came home with a bruised eye today. Some kid and him were fighting over a toy and apparently the other kid hit him in the eye with the toy. He has a scratch on it.

And he isn't even two yet....we have our work cut out for us!!!

Just some updates on him:

  • Walking all by himself, has been doing so for weeks now!
  • Running around the house
  • Talking up a storm! Nothing that makes sense, but just a jabbering!!!
  • Laughing a ton! Nothing beats that either!
  • No new teeth, but is teething with his molars
  • All table foods
  • When he wakes up in the morning, he pushes his new Glow Worm and sings along with it. That is what we wake up to through the intercom. :)


mmmyers231 said...

An organic-moss, tree-eating, babbling, giggling, cuttie pa-tootie, big boy! What a hoot!

Megan said...

the fungus story made me throw up a little. yuck!! and yes - now that the bike is over, i am back to blogging. :)